Server Information
General Information
✅ · Season 6 Episode 19 (Progressive)
✅ · Non Reset
✅ · Medium Rate
✅ · No Donate items (Farm2Win)
✅・Free2Play Friendly Server
✅・HD (High Definition Graphics)
✅・Singapore Host
✅・Max Level 1380
✅・Max Master Level 220
✅・Max Client: 5


Set and Weapons Mastery Ancient Bloodangel Set and Weapons (Permanent) Ghost Horse (Permanent) Angel and Devil's Wings (Permanent) Trinity Ancient Bloodangel Accessories (Permanent)
Buffs Complete Scroll Buffs (7 Days)
Pet Dotto Muun Pet (7 Days)


Arka War Protector of Acheron New Items up to Season 19
New Maps and Monsters Boss Battle Event Boss Invasions
New Bosses Set Party Join Party (Pass) System
Register Party System Party Search System Ingame Events / Invasion timer
Ingame Rankings Auto Search Store Ingame Buy VIP
5th Quest Based Event Ingame Account Registration Advance in-game Options Menu
Item Bank Hot Spots Drop Event
Online Lottery Team vs Team Q & A Event
Royal Rumble Guild vs Guild PVP Championship
PVP (1 x 1) Marathon Gens War
Antilag 3D Camera Offlevel
Auto Reconnect Elemental/Earrings (Flag System) Lucky Wheel
Mini Bosses Muun Pets Mount Pets
Advance Status Daily Rewards Multiple Vault/Warehouse/Storage
Battle Pass Real time Castle Siege Ranking And more unique features 🔥


/whisper [on/off] Enable / disable whisper.
/pk Clear killer status.
/post Send a message to the global chat.
/s [points] Adds points to Strength.
/a [points] Adds points to Agility.
/v [points] Adds points to Life.
/e [points] Adds points to Energy.
/c [points] Adds points to Command.
/re [on/off] Enable / disable requests in-game.
/move Move to a map.
/ware Change warehouse.
/statreset resets your character stat points.
/resetml Resets your Master Skill Points.
/pack | /unpack Assemble/Disassemble Jewels.
Press O To open the advance Antilag System.
/r Use this command in Quiz Event.
/war Challenge another guild.
/offstore Open Custom Store Offline.
/lock (Password) Using this command will cost you 100 HP (Hunt Points) to block your items by moving out from your account including if someone wants to sell your items in any NPCs. You also cannot delete characters.
/unlock (Password Using this command will cost you 100 HP (Hunt Points) to unblock the items in your account (Refer to /lock(Password).
/setparty (Password) Create a party with a password.
/joinparty (Password) To join the party using a password.
/rename To rename your character.

Account Login
Server Info
VersionSeason 6 Episode 19
Experiencex1000 (Midrate)
Master Experiencex500 (Midrate)
Dropx30 (Midrate)
Total Accounts1,369
Total Characters2,062
Total Guilds18
Server Status

Top Master Level
Character Class Master Level
0jhenbert0Dimension Master220
20jhenbertDuel Master220
4MinutesLord Emperor220
AceDylanFist Master220
AdjelHigh Elf220

Top Level
Character Class Level
Fist Master HAYOPFist Master1.600
High Elf FrozenHigh Elf1.600
Dimension Master BreceaaaDimension Master1.600
Duel Master 20jhenbertDuel Master1.600
Grand Master DenieDGrand Master1.600

Top Killers
Character Class Kills
Duel Master MaximusDuel Master1
Fist Master RAGEFAYTAFist Master1
High Elf MsYukieHigh Elf1

Top Guilds
Guild Master Score