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Webshop items and all types of credits/coins are labeled as virtual products. We do not issue refunds for virtual products once the order is submitted. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or using our products. By buying our product from our website/server you agree that, because of the nature of the products sold, which are virtual, there are no refunds under any circumstance. If you submit any payment you agree that you will not dispute, ask for a partial refund, or a full refund. If you do not agree to the above, please do not submit any payment.

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Server Info
VersionSeason 6 Episode 19
Experiencex1000 (Midrate)
Master Experiencex500 (Midrate)
Dropx30 (Midrate)
Total Accounts1,369
Total Characters2,062
Total Guilds18
Server Status

Top Master Level
Character Class Master Level
0jhenbert0Dimension Master220
20jhenbertDuel Master220
4MinutesLord Emperor220
AceDylanFist Master220
AdjelHigh Elf220

Top Level
Character Class Level
Fist Master HAYOPFist Master1.600
High Elf FrozenHigh Elf1.600
Dimension Master BreceaaaDimension Master1.600
Duel Master 20jhenbertDuel Master1.600
Grand Master DenieDGrand Master1.600

Top Killers
Character Class Kills
Duel Master MaximusDuel Master1
Fist Master RAGEFAYTAFist Master1
High Elf MsYukieHigh Elf1

Top Guilds
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